Rhythm Kids I (5, 6, 7s)

Leslie Abdallah
ONLINE (location map)
Saturday, 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
04/10/21 - 06/12/21 (10 weeks)


Kids know what they like. For 5, 6 & 7 year-olds, it's telling silly stories, playing games (with rules, of course!) and sharing new things. Our interactive Rhythm Kids Online classes tap into how big kids are wired to learn. Music games, rhythm pattern play, drumming, and more engage their creativity - and inspire them to explore their musicality in new ways, both during and outside class. 

This Winter & Spring 2021, children will have class online 1x weekly for 40 minutes. A drum of some sort (ideally a djembe) is advised but not required and we can help you find a Djembe through a few vendors where discounts are available for RK Families.  Parent attendance is optional but encouraged. All families will receive a songbook, CD, download as well as access to interactive online video tutorials. If you've taken Music Together®® classes, some of the music will be the same but explored in new ways! However unique to Rythm Kids are a whole new collection of animal themed rhythmic songs and patterns. We will also hold a bonus outside class as the weather warms!

Meets online for 40 minutes, once weekly for 10 weeks. Bonus outdoor class included this spring!

Upcoming Meetings
04/10/21    11:00 AM Saturday 04/10/21 11:00 AM
04/17/21    11:00 AM Saturday 04/17/21 11:00 AM
04/24/21    11:00 AM Saturday 04/24/21 11:00 AM
05/01/21    11:00 AM Saturday 05/01/21 11:00 AM
05/08/21    11:00 AM Saturday 05/08/21 11:00 AM
05/15/21    11:00 AM Saturday 05/15/21 11:00 AM
05/22/21    11:00 AM Saturday 05/22/21 11:00 AM
05/29/21    11:00 AM Saturday 05/29/21 11:00 AM
06/05/21    11:00 AM Saturday 06/05/21 11:00 AM
06/12/21    11:00 AM Saturday 06/12/21 11:00 AM