What People Say

The learning capacity of very young children is simply astounding! In the first few years of life, learning is a child’s job and it is accomplished through play. With the Music Together® approach, children have fun and become engaged in class activities using their own particular learning style: quietly observing and absorbing, kinetically moving their whole bodies around the room (often while the rest of us are sitting down!), experimenting with vocal sounds, imitating the teacher’s movements, and so on. You should expect your child to participate in his or her own unique way, free from any pressure to perform. Over time, you will witness your child moving through the different stages of tonal and rhythmic development, integrating music-making into everyday life and eventually achieving basic music competence (the ability to sing in tune with accurate rhythm.)

Please read just a sample of what our parents have to say about the program:

My children have gotten lots of inspiration from class. Listening to the teacher spontaneously changing the words to songs in class inspires my children to make up their own words at home. They take a song they know and create their own words according to what they are doing (dressing, eating, cleaning their room!)

And most of all what makes our class so wonderful is our teacher. She knows how to make the class go smoothly and keep the kids focused. We recommend Music Together class for everybody who wants to have fun while kids are learning music.

A Stone Ridge Parent

I didn't realize how out of touch I was with music until I tried singing to soothe my infant daughter.  I couldn't remember words to songs and felt very inhibited.  While my attempts felt feeble she did respond to my voice and to music.

A Poughkeepsie Parent

The range of musical styles is wonderful for the kids as well as the parents and caregivers. Sounds that seem strange to us because they are unfamiliar are embraced by our children. This also paves the way as Julia gets older for acceptance of ‘differences’ in terms of music, culture, food, beliefs, whatever.

A Poughkeepsie Parent

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Music Together

Melissa Chartier Surprise

There truly are not enough words to describe your program, once someone sees it, I believe, they will be hooked.

Joanna Sullivan

As musicians, both my husband and I agreed that we always wanted to have a music-filled household and raise a musical family, but even beyond that, there are so many proven benefits to a child's development through early musical education. Our experiences with Mid-Hudson Music Together have always exceeded our expectations. Even if we were simply going for fun, it would exceed our fun expectations! You will be delighted and your child will gain life long tools as a result of participating in Music Together.

Marnie McKnight Favell

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the years of Music Together scholarships you gave to my family. Your program has been a staple in our lives for the last two years. It provided a safe, predictable routine, that became a source of love and comfort. I am certain that Music Together gave my son his deep passion for music that will last a lifetime. I hold the  memories I made with my son close to my heart, and I found the most genuine friend I've ever known, with our trusted teacher. For those reasons, I am forever grateful to you and your program.

A Poughkeepsie Parent