MHMT Policies

Inclement Weather Policy:

Please check our home page or Facebook for updates! We also use the REMIND app for cancellations and important info. Families are automatically added to REMIND at the start of the semester. If additional family members or caregivers want to receive alerts they should obtain a special code from us to text from their phones to be added to the group. 
Poughkeepsie Locations: Arlington Central School District
New Paltz Locations: New Paltz Central School District
Stone Ridge Location: Roundout Valley School District
Beacon Location: Beacon City School District

If the school district where your class is held closes due to inclement weather, our classes are canceled and additional classes will be added at the end of the term to make up for the missed classes. If the district is running on a one- or two-hour delay, our classes will usually be held at their regularly scheduled time. Please check our Home Page and private Facebook group and your REMIND text. For families in weekend classes, we will email you as well. PLEASE CHECK our calendar for Holidays. We DO have class on some National and Religious holidays.

Tuition Refunds:

Registration is on a first-come, first served basis and classes tend to fill quickly. Register early to avoid disappointment! Tuition will only be refunded prior to the registration deadline listed on the registration page and on your class confirmation email. A $50 deposit is non-refundable. Credit toward future semesters may be issued in exceptional circumstances and is up to the Director's discretion. A $30.00 service fee will be added to your account balance for any returned checks.

Classroom Guidelines:

Making up missed classes: Please go to our make-up scheduler page: MAKE-UP, misplace your access code? Email:

  • We allow two make-ups during the current term on a space-available basis, unlimited make-ups for summer sessions
  • You can make-up a missed class at any of our locations during the current term
  • You can schedule your make-up class in advance of missing the class (for vacations, etc.)
  • Please schedule make-ups at least one day in advance of the class
  • Missed make-ups cannot be made-up, so if you need to cancel please do so using this make-up scheduler online

Adult participation- Enjoy yourself and participate! Like singing “Happy Birthday” at a party – it doesn’t matter how good we sound, but that we all join in together and have fun. Modeling in this way is essential to your child’s development of a disposition to make music.

Child participation– During early childhood learning is accomplished through play. Allow your child to participate in whatever way he or she chooses, using his or her own unique learning style. Only intervene if it seems that there is a safety issue or if your child’s behavior appears disruptive to the group dynamic (your teacher can clarify this for you and help develop strategies to address issues if they arise.)

No talking, please!- We ask that everyone refrain from talking during the 45 minutes of class. This creates a special musical environment, allows for observation of the children’s musical expressions (and audiation!) between songs, models respect for the teacher and conveys the value of the musical experiences. If you need to communicate something important, try singing it!

Punctuality- Every effort will be made to begin and end classes as scheduled, so please be on time. Your child's adjustment will be easier if they are present for the “Hello Song” ritual.

Guests- Spouses, grandparents and any other adults close to you may attend class at any time. Under special circumstances, another child may attend class as a guest (advance permission from the teacher is required.) An unregistered sibling of an enrolled child may attend class one time. Please try to include any siblings in the circle (not outside the circle on devices).

Wash Hands - ALL class participants must wash hands on site before class and/or use the hand sanitizer provided.

llness- For the health of all, please do not come to class if you or your child is sick - this includes a cough and significant congestion.  If there is any question whether you may be coming down with something, please be on the safe side, stay home and schedule a make-up instead. We want to keep everyone healthy and happy!

Shoes off- For cleanliness, please remove shoes before class.

No toys- Please try not to bring toys into the classroom, as they can be a distraction for all the children. We realize a special stuffy or blanket can make the transition into class easier for your child in which case we understand if your child really can't part with an item.

No food- No food is allowed in class. A bottle or sippy-cup with milk or water is okay. Please nurse in class as needed.

Dirty diapers– Sorry for the inconvenience, but please take them with you!

Safety– Please supervise your child at all times. We make every effort to create a safe environment but children are children and sometimes accidents do happen. In the unlikely event of a serious accident, please be sure to complete an Accident Report Form provided by your teacher.

Photos & Videos– Over the years we have observed that the taking of pictures and videos in the classroom can be disruptive to the learning process. However, we do understand that many parents are eager to capture one of their child’s musical moments for posterity. Therefore, please note that we do permit the discreet use of cameras to film only your children. This is allowed ONLY during the “playalong” activity, when it will be the least distracting. We ask that you limit your camera use to once per term. Thank you!



We use your personal information for our own internal business purposes.  We do not sell your personal information to third parties.